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The bright blue smoke is clearing, the dust is settling, and a feeling of peaceful routine is beginning to shine on the nest. And that's one of the reasons I'm posting.

For once, I'm sleeping in a place that actually FEELS home-y, as opposed to a 100 square foot bastion against anything this world tries to spit at me. As per usual, the vibes in my room are completely different from anywhere else in the place, but they don't feel like a hostile clash for once. More a quick, flowy gradient.

Oh, and for once, there's a cat that isn't utterly terrified of the energies of this place. Well... except maybe the alarm clock that she sent falling upon herself, LOUDLY. But that's another story.


The whole bloody week's been weird. I've gained great respect for a couple businesses, lost all respect for another, had my checkbook pretty much recovered, and ended up watching someone more or less explode over the latter business. And damn I'm SO not used to that kind of explosive "This makes me mad SNARL!" energy. Havn't had to deal with it directly in 8 years.

The fighting over a certain job situation made me wonder if I'd made the wrong choice moving here a couple times, but taking the good with the bad, I realize this is the best I could've done. I'll take this whirlwind of a life over former malignant, grimy-feeling "family life" any day. Just means having to get used to emotions other than consumerism and muted passive aggression. And perhaps learning to read them a bit better. >.>

Come to think of it, time to kiss this journal goodbye. I was gonna make a 'redirect' post, but the only people who actually READ it are about 60 feet away. There's much easier ways of giving the url.

Life go WHEE! ker-THROW!

Imagine a Looney Toons character for whatever reason propelling themselves skyward across a great distance... with a ginormous rubber band slingshot. Thats how I feel right now.

Over the past week or 2, I think I've had more misadventures, both good and bad than I'd had in the entire year before that. >.>

I can't will my brain to post an incredibly detailed synopsis, so I'll just graze over some of the quirks.

Moving around of many, MANY boxes, accidentally lugging a tool tote about 200-300 feet only to have its owner tell me it's... at least 80 pounds. Channeling a liiiiiitle too much energy into a lamp and having it go BRRRRR-FOOSH! when turning it on. That created a naaaasty smell and like a miniature storm cloud. I think I blew it up. x_X;

Shopping for real food, and taking the right way home on complete accident. Kinda confused De with my "Oh crap I'm going the wrong way!" banter, not thinking I got on 395. >.>

Having a skunk inadvertently sucker me into paying for a rather expensive meal, and letting that same skunk use my towel, probably hours before he wanted to be awake. ;p

Getting my bank account badly scuffed, my headlights humped by an onslaught of too-high speed bumps, and my fuel injectors angry for the same reason... and still coming out smelling of lavender.

Nearly getting my quasi-lutrine ass thrown off a 2nd story stairwell by desks... repeatedly.

And having a spazzy little ball of fluff try to steal my breakfast literally every day this week.

Yet even with all the disconcerting crap, this is STILL WAAAAAAY better than my last living situation.

...And also way different. Lunarbirdy doesn't fit either. >.> This may be the past post I make here, but I think I've got a better, more fitting... and hopefully more permanent name for an LJ... and hopefully an outright pen-name.

Edit: I also forgot to mention having a container of waste ink toner practically blow up on my chest... and pants... and socks... and everywhere within 3 feet of my body at work. Find it funny now, found it rather annoying then, though my supervisors certainly got a laugh out of it... and their vacuum, which has this strange ability to create a massive dust cloud on command! Unfortunately... it kinda did this when we were trying to clean up that black sooty ink crap. ;p

Babbling on the "Squire" engine

Posted mainly to keep tabs on myself and stay motivated this time around.

-Fixed 'ladder climbing' mode.
-Added 'crouch/crawling' mode.
-Framework for 'swimming' mode. This one should be really simple, actually. Yay for no gravity getting in the way!

-Still need to add double-jump. Framework for wall-jump as well.
-Need to fix ceiling 'jump' bug. When colliding with solid ground from below, player shoots upward go FWEEEEEE!!!! XD ...and falls back down about 10 seconds later.
-Need to fix 'variable jumping' bug. This will likely solve the ceiling bug.

Thats all for tonight. For some reason I've been rather 'braaaaaaains' today, go sleep to fix.
Did I mention how much of a pain in the tail a solid-colour (aka. NO shading!) pic is when you've barely learned the tricks to it?

Not a single piece of traditional media, never even touched paper for this one. Yay... now I feel like I don't COMPLETELY suck at this. ;p

*utters something about envying, you know, talented artists*


Why did I just put 6/Jan/08? ~
I'm too timid! Brown is a f---ing SPECTRUM, dammit! Even the blackest shadow and whitest highlight has a use. ~
I regret locking away my digicam. I'm gonna have to dig it out. Figures that had to be the one angle where I can't see my hand right. ~
Ohhh, so THAT'S where my mood ring went! ~

...I wonder if anyone makes "ferret" essential oil or something that smells like it? ~

How the hell does she make her lines so clean?! ~

Dammit, 24th! Get here sooner! ~

Eeeeyea, not enough to make a complete post so I may as well just post my brain, minus OCD.

Writer's Block: Church and State

Today in 1893 U.S. President Benjamin Harrison declared full amnesty for Mormon polygamists. Is it the government's place to define which marriages are valid and which are not?

"In two words... Absolutely NOT!!! Love is love dammit and you can't legislate morality!!!" ~Derema

Because I couldn't put it better if I tried. ;p

Ohh yes! The kawaburd is back in action!

This thing's freaking potent once you get the hang of it. No more having to protect my work from scanner-rape! ^_^ Expect arts soon.

Although... I need a good trade-name. I'd rather not use my own (Meta) for personal reasons and Rainsong doesn't fit in the least. Lunarbirdy... well... I WAS going to try 'Lunar Phoenix Designs' for awhile, but that doesn't work either.

Any ideas what a freaky aquarian artist can call itself in the furry world? Or in the more general graphic design world for that matter?


First impressions of 2009 and its tools:

Oh my stars this thing is unwieldy! XD

Useful for brush strokes and drawing pretty things... but still bloody unwieldy.


State of the confuzzled kawagryph

Seems after some long stints of monotony, a horribly failed attempt to medicate OCD to death, and much disgust at trying to get my art skills to even a reasonable level via mouse (which is damn near impossible)...

Looks like I'm stuck in this desert for another year -- luckily not this particular cesspool of a neighborhood. Staying employed is probably my best bet until I'm actually willing to TAKE commissions art-wise. Effing recessions keeping me in a climate I utterly hate, but at least I'm not gonna be among ideological enemies this time. I swear this election year's rudely reminded me of how much I despise racists, particularly when I'm technically related to them. >.>

Even worse is when said racists happen to be by far the absolute WORST triggers for my OCD symptoms, to the point where I won't willingly step anywhere near them -- think its probably just some Aspergers defect that can be scolded or disciplined out of me, which just makes me resent them more. Eeeeeyea, there's a move coming up, and in my case it's looooooooooooong overdue.

In other news I finally bought a tablet -- sort of. A step up from what I was planning, professional-grade, intuos3. only $200, tried the size and 4x6" won't be a problem, but it doesn't get here for a few days. Bleh... I wanna draw stuffs and make pretty colours without breaking out the paints! This better not be the longest 3 days of the year...

Right now my thoughts are fragmented and my mind, admittedly a bit of a mess. Luckily the thoughts are coherent on their own, but things are looking up. All in all this certainly wasn't anything like last year. 2008 was immensely better than 2007, but that's kinda like saying I'm better off than oh... being boiled alive; comparing Auschwitz to present-day Burma. Without the comparison, this year sucked too.

Then 2009 comes in like BOOM! STAY FOCUSED AND OPTIMISTIC! This will be a good one. Actually, it came in as a phone call, but given how rarely I bother with those anymore, it was certainly as startling as BOOM!

I have more floating around in my head, but this I suppose is enough to write for now.

Writer's Block: Nature Gone Wild

Field mice always sleep facing northwest. Kangaroos can't walk backwards. Female hyenas have penises. Let's face it, nature is weird. What's the strangest thing you know about the animal kingdom?

Bucks can masturbate simply by rubbing their antlers against the grass. Weird place to have an erogenous zone, eh?